Let's Build You A Great Website

Your business will gain credibility and you can reach new customers.


Your company or brand deserves a website that communicates what your all about. I create custom and unique designs that will seperate you from your competition and make your customers say wow.


If you can imagine it, then I can build it. Whether its a website or an app to manage your business, I will build something that will make your business better equipped.


What is the point of having a great website if nobody can find it? None. That's why I will make sure that you can find your business in the search results that matter.


We all love value and convience. That's why I offer to look after your website and email by hosting it on my servers. This provides you with the comfort of having someone you know ready to help.

Steps To A Perfect Website

The design stage is about collecting as much information as possible. Here you can define what you want your website or app to look like. What are the colours? Fonts? How do you want your website laid out?

I also do a ton of research browsing website templates and other businesses that do what you do. I'll make notes along the way and at the end compile what I liked the most.

Then I start getting busy. Once I have a design you will give me some feedback and we'll make adjustments as needed before development begins.

At this stage I get to start building your website or app using the design as my reference point. Along the way I will test your website or app to make sure that any bugs or issues are worked out. Since we also live in a mobile world I ensure that the project looks good at any screen size.

During this period I will usually request that you start getting your content ready. Any descriptions or paragraphs of text that you would like included on your website/app so I can easily add it later.

By this stage your website or app is done and you have tried it out yourself. Once approved by you I'll upload it to whoever is your hosting company. If its me I will also set up your emails and any other website settings (e.g. SSL Certificate).

The last thing that needs to be done now is making sure people can find your website or app. I will do my best to ensure people can find it on the major search engines.

My Portfolio

This is my current portfolio of websites and apps that I have designed and developed. See what some of my past clients think of my work.

Aroy Dee Asian Cuisine
Rose Apple Asian Restaurant
Sault Figure Skating Club
Dragonfly Advisory Services
Friends Fur-Ever Pet Resort
Kennel Scheduling Application

Why Choose Me?

I'm not the only one who makes websites or apps. So why choose me? There are six reasons why below.


I don't have a whole team to pay, I'm not a big company and I don't have to pay tax. I have the luxury of offering you a lower price.


Your company deserves a website that reflects your unqiue attributes. Sure you could have a cookie cutter website but what message would you be sending to your customers?

Customer Service

Great customer service is not just during the sale but also after. I'm looking to build a relationship with my clients not a quick buck.


I offer my own lifetime manufacturers warrenty. Which means if 3 years down the road something stops working and its my fault I'll fix it free of charge.

One Stop Shop

As humans we like packaged deals because they're convienent. I offer all the services you need to get your website up and running. Which means you have a trusted face for all your needs.


I've worked at a web design firm before. I've taken courses at the University of Waterloo and other educational institutions. I know what I'm doing and talking about.

About Me

I am a young married man that loves to work with technology. I have been fiddling with computers since I was two or maybe three. Since then I have continued to develop my skills. Out of high school I worked for a web design firm for about 1 1/2 years. From there I have taken several courses. Some from the University of Waterloo and the online Udemy platform. As the years go by I make the time to keep growing my knowledge.

I enjoy other activites when I'm not working with technology. I love traveling. My wife and I lived in Thailand for 2 1/2 years and traveled all over Asia. Being from Northern Ontario I love the outdoors too. Fishing, hunting and hiking are my favourite outdoor activites. These activites help me to get away from my computer screen.

Joseph Dubois
Designer & Developer

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